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Linear Motors Standard

Pretty wrappings

To the stars and beyond

Pick & place with direct-drive technology

Full speed ahead with LinMot

COVID-19: Linear motors as artificial lungs for mask testing

The future of shipping packaging

The fight against counterfeit medications – Driven by LinMot

Short Motors

Linear motors enable robot grippers to take an innovative leap

Linear Motors 3×400 VAC

Ultimate drive technology

Stainless Steel Motors

INOX linear motors help keep farmed fish healthy

Fast and flexible filling

Separating delicacy: Routing valuable fish portions using linear motors

Keeping in shape – Vertical Slicer for Roast Meat Products

PR01 Linear Rotary Motors

The closure twist

In line with Industry 4.0

The solution for spilt milk: LinMot linear rotary motors and wing-cap closures

LinMot Systems in AFAQ Pharmaceutical Machines

PR02 Linear Rotary Motors

Safely closed


Floating weights

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