Semiconductors & Electronics

In the semiconductor industry, the availability of systems and machines is an absolute requirement.

Modern electronics production must be capable of handling frequent product changes. With innovative drive solutions from LinMot and intelligent drive and controls components, production and conveying applications can be implemented effectively.

Tubular linear motors are already used in a variety of areas for:

  • Front-end machines
  • Back-end machines
  • Semiconductor handling
  • Wafer handling
  • Semiconductor inspection machines
  • Semiconductor packaging machines
  • Screen printing
  • Doctor blade controls
  • Populating machines
  • Flying probe testers
  • Depaneling
  • CD/DVD production systems & packaging machines
  • etc.

LinMot drive technology takes every customer application to a new level and helps reduce overall costs.

Extreme cleanliness is required in the production of semiconductors. For this purpose, LinMot has developed special modules with clean room approval up to ISO4.

With LinMot modules, the highest accuracy standards can be maintained. With each module, accuracies of 0.05mm can be guaranteed and, using external sensors, accuracies of 10sqm can be achieved.

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