Accessories from LinMot are matched to our linear motors, allowing rapid and uncomplicated implementation and commissioning of a wide range of tasks. Original motor accessories developed especially for LinMot also guarantees reliable and safe operation of the linear motors.


Motor cable

Accessories - Motor cable
For stationary operation or cable tracks and robot applications

Connection cable and converter

Accessories - Connection cable and converter
PC configuration cable and interface cable

External position sensor

Accessories - External position sensor
For high precision applications in the micron range and / or absolute Position detection

Control Box

Control Box
For quick setup of Servo Drives

Power Supplies

Power Supplies
In the power range of 300 W, 500 W, 1000 W

Transformer Supplies

Transformer Supplies
In the power range of 420 VA / 900 VA / 1500 VA


Mounting Flanges

Mounting Flanges
Fast motor assembly and optimal cooling

Slider Mounting

Slider Mounting
Prevents misalignment


Holds the load in a vertical mounting position even in off position

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