Optimal applications – LinMot linear motors and servo drives are designed for use in harsh and demanding industrial environments. They are characterised by outstanding technical properties, low-maintenance operation and extreme durability. The enclosed design and the casting of all motor components in a solid iron tube, as well as the integrated position sensors based on magnetic field sensors, enable the motors to operate reliably even in dirty environments or in wet areas (up to protection class IP69K).

With the various product series from LinMot, drive systems are available for complex servo motor applications as well as for simple pneumatic tasks. All these features make industrial linear motors the ideal solution for linear movements in packaging machines, handling equipment, textile machines, special machines and many other applications.

Food Products

Innovative drive technology for optimising food manufacturing and packaging processes.

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Handling & Assembling

Main approach for more efficient production systems are modular systems in which elements can be reconfigured easily.

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LinMot offers the automotive industry simplified function and endurance tests in the automotive industry, as well as flexible solutions for large quantities in assembly technology.

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Textile Machines

The requirements, which today are requested to machines by the textile industry are manifold: It calls for a more flexible and optimized use of materials, extreme range of patterns, absolute reliability and fault-free goods. The industry also requires that non-operating time is kept as low as possible and productivity is increased.

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Semiconductors & Electronics

In the semiconductor industry, the availability of systems and machines is an absolute requirement. Modern electronics production must be capable of handling frequent product changes.

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Laboratory Automation

Laboratory automation is becoming more and more significant in the modern life sciences. Driving this development is the challenge of generating more and more data points, while avoiding errors, thoroughly documenting experiments, and simultaneously reducing costs.

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Printing & Labeling

The central challenge in the field of printing and labeling is cost-effective and error-free production of orders with short batch runs, with reproducible high quality. Highly dynamic, precise drive technology plays a critical role.

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Packaging is an indispensable part of everyday life. The wide range of products that we encounter every day results in the wide range of types of packaging. Not only the functionality and design of the package are important, but also its production.

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Medical & Pharmaceutical

The range of applications for linear drives in the medical and pharmaceutical sector is very broad. For handling blood samples, counting and filling pills, or packing challenging medications, LinMot drive components provide a high level of dynamics and precision for implementing these tasks.

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Wood Processing

High efficiency, uncompromising functionality, reliability and high availability: linear technology in woodworking.

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