Linear Modules FM01/EM01

LinMot FM01 and EM01 modules are moving stator applications with linear tubular motors. The mechanical construction is based on a special aluminium profile to which up to two high-precision profile rail modules are attached. The use of ball bearings in the carriages guarantees reliable and flawless operation, the absorption of external forces, torques and bending moments. These products offer high guiding accuracy, allow dynamic and precise positioning of the load. The modules can be assembled into a gantry or semi-gantry design without additional adapters. It is also possible to operate several stators on the same module. With direct mechanical compatibility with other LinMot vertical axis modules, linear rotary motors and other products, combined with the wide range of strokes available for all axes, the moving stator modules provide a powerful toolbox for any automation task.

1. Details


Modules with lower friction designed for normal loads with lower static and dynamic load ratings, where static and dynamic moments are admissble.

  • Compact, high dynamic module for long stroke applications and multi-axis configurations
  • High accuracy, high rigidity, high speed
  • High precision profile rail module
  • High mechanical compatibility with LinMot products
  • Configurable with one or more motors per module


Modules designed for heavier loads and long load duration. Two parallel carriage rails and carriages eliminate torsional vibrations. A heavy duty version of the EM01-Modules with four carriages on two rails provides even more mechanical stiffness.

  • Eliminate tilting moments
  • High load capacity module for applications where stability and moment load support is paramount
  • High motion accuracy, extreme load capacity and rigidity
  • 2 high precision profile rail modules with up to 4 carriages
  • Ball bearings in the carriages guarantee reliable and flawless operation
  • High mechanical compatibility with LinMot products
  • Configurable with one or more motors per module

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Product benefits

Multi-Axis Designs

The Moving Stator Modules offer a wide variety of applications and design possibilities. The user can easily implement applications like, Pick & Place, Pick, Rotate & Place, Multiple Stator and Gantry Configuration.

Ball bearings

Use of ball bearings in the carriages guarantee a reliable and smooth operation, support of external forces, torques and bending moments.

Mechanical compatibility

The modules are designed to be mechanically compatible with each other and a high range of LinMot products. This allows compact multi axis designs from a single supplier for immediate use in applications, without requiring to self-develop additional components.

Gantry design option

When more than one axis is required, multiple modules can be easily assembled into gantry or semi-gantry designs. Master-slave setting of stators on one programmable axis simplifies control. With combinations of available strokes, a wide working area can be reached.

External sensor option

Next to the LinMot Linear Stator’s own integrated position sensors, both incremental and absolute external encoders are available as an option. Together with a magnetic band, the external sensors provide a high-resolution linear measurement system.

2. Videos

Animation EM01 and FM01 modules

For applications where stability and moment load support are paramount, the new FM/EM are the perfect solution. They offer a high guidance accuracy, a precise load positioning and a reliable operation even with heavy loads and over a long distance. All of this, in addition to the fact that multiple stators can be driven on the same guide, makes the moving stator modules a powerful toolbox for any automation task.

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