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Success stories are rarely linear. They are characterized by challenges and opportunities, iterations and rotations. With our customer magazine LINEAR, we want to tell you exactly these stories. Stories of entrepreneurs who take innovative paths with LinMot, of developers who overcome obstacles with our support and of customers who achieve their goals with our products and services.

What can you expect in LINEAR?

You can expect not only exciting success stories from our customers, but also detailed insights into our product innovations. In addition, some articles will focus on facts and figures relating to our linear motors that are guaranteed to surprise you.

Articles about our products
– Linear Rotary Motor
– LinMot Multi Interface Drive
– Linear Module DM03
– LinMot TM01 Technology Module
– Functional Safety
– P01-48-M01 with integrated mounting flange
– Gripper Module GM01
– Transformer Track
– Questions and answers about the cleanroom compatible LinMot linear modules

Success stories
– GARDENA | Not a drop in the ocean: How to get water drop by drop to where plants need it – to the roots.
– Kröning | Get your circulation going: For a climate-friendly revolution in the packaging industry.
– Emmi | Please do not spill: How can i avoid spilling milk when opening the carton pack?

Facts & numbers
– LinMot in Las Vegas: The biggest trade fair of the year in North America
– Aaand action!: Our best videos on the web
– Would you like to know even more about us? Our social media channels are becoming increasingly active
– Support in the spotlight: Introducing the LinMot Support Team
– Techfacts: Did you know that… ?

Where can I read it?

You have two options for browsing through our customer magazine. You can either download the entire magazine as a PDF, or you can use our ePaper to browse through the issue directly on your screen.

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