LinMot - Industrial Linear Motors

LinMot develops, manufactures and distributes high-quality linear motors, linear rotary motors, linear modules and linear systems for use in industrial automation. You get everything for linear motion from a single source. The headquarters of NTI AG is located in Spreitenbach, near Zurich in Switzerland. As an international, innovative company with an experienced customer service, sales and support network, we are always a competent and reliable partner for the realisation of linear and rotary movements.

Linear motors in use - application in various industries

LinMot offers the right motor for every application. Whether in the food, automotive, textile or medical & pharmaceutical industries: our application reports show you what our linear motors are successfully and sustainably used for.

Sustainable production with linear drive

Of all the resources on which modern manufacturing depends, energy is arguably one of the most central. However, rising prices and concerns about greenhouse gas emissions are prompting companies to look critically at how they can produce more with fewer resources. The key is to switch to LinMot and eliminate power losses in energy-intensive factory automation processes such as pneumatic applications (compressed air).

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