Servo Drives 200/400 VAC

Designed for dynamic control of LinMot high performance linear motors of the motor families P10-54 and P10-70.

Powerful AC servo drives with direct mains supply 1 x230VAC or 3x400VAC for fast realization of simple applications with two end positions up to complex and high-precision multi-axis applications with synchronization to the electronic main shaft.

A variety of fieldbus interfaces and protocols allows easy integration of LinMot Servo Drives to any control system.

1. Details

E 1400 – High End

Servo Drive for P10 motors with direct mains supply and 3×400 VAC technology. Equipped with an ETHERNET CONFIG interface.

  • Control of LinMot and AC servo motors.
  • Commands for absolute/relative positioning
  • Jerk-limited travel commands
  • Supports travel time curves and cam plates
  • Real-time (streaming)
  • Synchronous control (drive profiles)
  • Master encoder synchronization (In/Out)
  • PLC or stand-alone solutions
  • Configuration via fieldbus / remote access via Ethernet
  • Digital and analogue IOs
  • Safe torque off (STO)
  • Interface for incremental and absolute sensor
  • Position encoder simulation output
  • Master-slave circuit
  • Analogue force/speed input
  • Supports Plug and Play motors (PnP)

C 1400 – Universal

Servo drive with direct mains supply for simple movements as well as complex axis synchronization. Designed to control the P10 motor family.

  • 1×200…. 240VAC
  • Control of LinMot and AC servo motors
  • Up to 100 storable curve profiles
  • Synchronous control (drive profiles)
  • Up to 100 storable curve profiles
  • Freely programmable Command Table with up to 255 commands
  • Interface for incremental and absolute sensor
  • Serial configuration interface

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