Wood Processing

The short life cycles of living styles and the competitive situation require furniture manufacturers to have extremely variable product offerings. Small production batches have become a typical requirement for the furniture industry and its suppliers—with maximum parts throughput, of course. Maximum value added must also always play a role, as it has become indispensable in all industries. For wood processing machines, therefore , the best possible material utilization plays a role in addition to high efficiency and uncompromising functionality.

The use of linear motors contributes greatly to meeting these requirements.

Linear technology ensures automatic step width adjustment, for example, in order to guarantee optimal material cuts

With a “flying scissors” application, a sawing or milling operation can be synchronized to have to the tool move synchronously with the material, processing it as it moves. Other tasks for the drives include rapid transport of several drills, precise cuts for endless materials, or feeding and handling of material for the machine.

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