ATEX Motors

In a surrounding where explosive gases, vapor-air mixture or combustible dust can form, special electric drives are required. LinMot ATEX, a variant of the linear motors, was been developed for those special conditions.

1. Details

The motors are completely encapsulated in stainless steel and require no gaskets. All joints are welded. For a complete closure of the motor, the windings and the rest of stators inside are encapsulated with epoxy resin. Thereby, an optimal motor protection is guaranteed and the risk of an outgoing spark is eliminated.

Since in an explosive atmosphere, the surface temperature is of crucial importance, an additional temperature monitoring was integrated into the motor. In addition to the sensors for monitoring the temperature in the stator winding, additional temperature sensors are mounted in the motor housing underneath.

This allows a 2-channel temperature monitoring, where the parent channel interrupts the Drive-feeding in case of overheating.

For the purpose of an increased continuous power, the motors can be equipped with an optional water cooling system.

The ATEX motor family consists of 2 sizes with a wide range of slider lengths. The traversing ranges up to a stroke of 980 mm.

  • Stainless steel housing
  • Hygienic design
  • Welded connections, no gaskets
  • Completely encapsulated (IP67)
  • Optional integrated water cooling
  • For use in the zones 1/2 (gas)
  • Suitable for use in zones 21/22 (dust)

Safer linear drive at risk of explosion

The motors are constructed with the awareness to operate in an explosive environment. Their compact constructions without unnecessary edges, corners, holes and screws provide no surface where explosive material can accumulate. Additional and potential sources of ignition and the risk of non-uniform heating is significantly minimized. Excessively high temperatures can be avoided so that the norm according to type of protection “Ex e” (Increased security) can be guaranteed.

The properties of the motors are designed in order to fulfill the current european regulations.

Consequently, the range of application includes zoning 1, 21, 2, 22 corresponding DIN EN 60079-14 and means an explosive atmosphere, which occurs occasionally and may consist of gases, vapors, mist and dust.

Even in environments with a low ignition temperature from 85 ° C LinMot ATEX motors are used.

In various sectors such as in printing machines, paint, plastic processing machines or in the chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries ATEX motors of the brand LinMot provide special user benefits.

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2. Application report

Fast and flexible filling

Rotary indexing machine combines advantages of piston and flow-rate metering: Many users wish they could combine the advantages of flow-rate metering and piston metering in one rotary filling machine. Tölke, a specialist in packaging machinery, has pulled off this feat by using LinMot linear motors. The operator of the system benefits from short changeover times, less scrap, shorter downtime, and a more flexible machine.

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