Linear Motors

LinMot motors are high quality, extremely high efficiency tubular linear motors. This high efficiency means less heat generated and better position accuracy. The simple, clean tubular design makes it easy to install the motor, reducing the footprint and achieving unrivaled force density. Contrary to conventional drive solutions, LinMot solutions do not require any mechanical transmission elements – which simplifies the design, while reducing wear to almost zero and thus minimizing maintenance.

LinMot motors are uncompromisingly reliable, and their precise, smooth, quiet, and high dynamic motion makes them ideal for almost all applications and industries.

Core Values of linear motors


  • Extreme dynamics
  • Monitored process variables
  • Quick and easy maintenance


  • Freely positionable with programmable parameters
  • Wide range of product combinations and options


  • High quality and precision
  • Simple design
  • Overload protection
  • Long service life

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Linear Motors Power Range

Typical Application Areas

  • Plastic injection molding machines, Packaging machines, Textile machines, Assembly machines, Printing and Labelling machines
  • Wood, glass, and ceramic processing machines
  • Handling, Filling, Inspection, Feeding, Mounting, Stacking, Sorting and Rejection systems
  • Metering, Counting, Dosing, Sealing and Precision pressing

Series P01

  • High power density
  • Extreme efficiency
  • Simple installation & configuration
  • Low noise & smooth operation
  • Long lifetime
  • CE/RoHS/UL certified

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Series P10

  • The most powerful & dynamic LinMot motors
  • 230VAC / 3x400VAC motor technology
  • Controlled by standard third-party servo drives
  • Long lifetime
  • Easy configuration
  • CE/RoHS/UL certified

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