Linear Modules DM01

The DM01 linear modules are complete drive solutions consisting of linear guide and firmly integrated LinMot stators and optionally built-in “magnetic springs” MagSpring and a pneumatic holding brake.

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1. Details

The core technology of these drive units consist of PS01-23, PS01-37, and PS01-48 LinMot linear motors. These options allow the user to produce forces of up to 572 N and stroke lengths of up to 575 mm. The motor capabilities, with accelerations of up to 50 m/s2 and a maximum velocity of 5 m/s, will be able to successfully exceed the demands of virtually any application.

  • Direct mounting of the load with absorption of transverse forces
  • Anodised aluminium housing for easy cleaning
  • Corrosion-resistant, hard chrome-plated guide rods
  • Linear ball bearings with food grade lubricant (NSF H1)
  • MagSpring® option available for vertical load compensation
  • Can be combined to form two-axis systems

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Optional: Force sensor modules

The force sensor modules of the DM01-37-FSxx and DM01-48-FSxx series can be flanged directly to the linear modules of the DM01 series and thus enable the measurement of the forces occurring in the direction of movement of the modules. Together with the C1250 drives, which can also be calibrated, it is thus possible to either execute a process in a force-controlled manner or to implement process monitoring based on the forces that occur.

  • Front flange with force sensors for direct mounting on DM01 modules
  • Realisation of force-controlled applications such as joining or pressing
  • Implementation of process controls based on force profiles
  • Decoupled force measurement in the direction of movement independent of the force application point
  • Arbitrary mounting of grippers or tools without measurement influence
  • High measuring accuracy with simultaneous high overload resistance


Optional: clean room approval

The DM guides were developed to ensure reliable stability. To guarantee cleanliness in production, the DM linear modules are certified as components for cleanroom applications.

  • Available with cleanroom certification up to ISO4
  • Equipped with food-safe lubricants

2. Videos

LinMot DM01 Linear Modules

The video shows the new LinMot DM01 linear modules with highly dynamic movements. The DM01 series is a complete drive solution consisting of a linear guide and permanently integrated LinMot stator.

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