Functional Safety

LinMot integrates with “Functional Safety” the appropriate safety functions and several new additional functions directly into the drive and motor, taking care to ensure that they are identical in design to existing products.

1. Details

The safety functions are directly integrated into the drive and need no additional hardware. This offers you shorter commissioning times and a higher cost effectiveness thanks to efficient engineering and lower wiring costs.


  • STO: Safe Torque Off
  • SS1: Safe Stop 1
  • SS2: Safe Stop 2
  • SOS: Safe Operating Stop
  • SLS: Safe Limited Speed
  • SBC: Safe Brake Control
  • SBT: Safe Brake Test
  • Parametrize your safety function
Functional Safety

Motor components

  • Safety and standard motors with same dimensions
  • Build identical machines regardless of whether with or without functional safety
  • Safety linear motors with integrated safety position sensors
  • One cable solution

Multi Interface

  • Multi interface drive
  • One hardware supports different communication busses
  • Real time communication protocols
  • Synchronized and independent movements
  • NC motion or LinMot protocol

2. Videos

Functional Safety – How it works

LinMot offers a complete functional safety package from a single source. The safety functions are directly integrated into the drive and need no additional hardware. The linear motors/modules come with an integrated safety position sensors.

3. Application report

Functional safety for industrial linear motors

Until now, machine builders were largely left to their own devices when it came to ensuring functional safety when using dynamic linear motors. Now, for the first time, a complete package is available that makes this step much easier for users.

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Gardena moves into the future of water through LinMot

Just think of the battery-powered lawn edger back in 1973 or the watering computer from the 1980s, GARDENA has always proven to be a particularly sustainable innovator. With state-of-the-art linear rotary and linear technology from drive specialist LinMot, GARDENA has succeeded in redefining the precision, speed and sustainability of its production facilities.

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