Textile Machines

How LinMot meets the high demands in the textile industry with drive technology.

The requirements, which today are requested to machines by the textile industry are manifold: It calls for a more flexible and optimized use of materials, extreme range of patterns, absolute reliability and fault-free goods. The industry also requires that non-operating time is kept as low as possible and productivity is increased.

The use of LinMot drive components helps significantly to give answers to the demands of the market

LinMot linear motors are characterized by highly dynamic movements and a strong soil resistance.

In addition, they have no wear-prone components and thus guarantee a long service life. Modern weaving machines profit by these advantages for years. In the machines, the motors are used for example for laying and positioning of additional threads. Especially when it comes to the stitch weaving, they take over the work of the stitch drive axes. Also for the precise winding of textile yarn, the machine engineers prefer to use linear motors. For this purpose, LinMot has programmed a complete function block that controls the entire winding process and can be easily started by the PLC.

Due to the ongoing development of linear motors in the future, further applications in the textile industry will emerge.

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