Linear Rotary Motors

Closing, screwing or assembling… Linear rotary motors from LinMot are characterised by excellent flexibility, dynamics and speed. They combine two electromagnetic servo motors in just one slim housing and thus enable combined linear and rotary movements in the simplest way.

The virtually wear-free modules also offer outstanding availability and can be equipped with many options. LinMot offers linear rotary motors in two different series.

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This is how they work

  • Highly dynamic linear and rotary direct drive
  • Independent linear and rotary movements – can be synchronised if required
  • Programmable press forces and torques
  • Optionally with hollow shaft
  • Optionally with MagSpring for load compensation

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Series PR01

  • Serial design principle for smallest footprint
  • Optionally available with gear ratio
  • Simplest realisation of cappers, screwdrivers or assembly stations

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Linear Rotary Motors PR01

Series PR02

  • Parallel design principle with short installation length and integrated options
  • Optionally with integrated force & torque sensors
  • Easy to clean surfaces
  • Simplest realisation of cappers, screwdrivers or assembly stations with integrated options

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Linear Rotary Motors PR02

Automated closing and screwing

The fact that the linear movement is also realised by a direct drive makes capping processes much more flexible and efficient than with systems that rely on stroke cams, pneumatic cylinders or recirculating ball drives to generate them. Integrated force and torque sensors offer even more safety for applications requiring high precision and process reliability and also enable the collection of process data for each individual closing process (I4.0).

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