Servo Drives

LinMot Drives include a complete range of servo drives that are fast, flexible, feature-rich, and easy to integrate into any application. Our drives are designed to provide precise control, optimum force/torque, and a rich set of features to complement our wide range of linear motors, integrated modules, and linear rotary motors. At the same time, it is vital that these servo drives are easy to use and operate reliably – saving you time and money.

Flexibility & Connectivity

  • Wide range of applications, from point to point to complex multi-axis applications.
  • Analog, digital or serial interfaces, fieldbuses, and real time ETHERNET.
  • Functions such as Force / Torque control and Process Monitoring.

Safety & Reliability

  • Drives available with and without STO
  • Functional safety with SLS, SOS, SS1, SS2, SBC, SBT
  • Calibrated Measuring Amplifier option for measuring applications with calibration certificate in addition to CE and UL


  • Automatic detection and parametrization via bus
  • Compact design, easy installation and commissioning
  • Preprogrammed functional blocks and examples

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Functional Safety

LinMot integrates the appropriate safety functions and several new additional functions directly into the drive and motor, taking care to ensure that they are identical in design to existing products.

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Process Monitoring

LinMot drives are characterised by their very fast cycle time and can therefore record individual measuring points with the highest possible sampling rate. This gives the user a detailed process picture and, based on this data, he can decide whether the process is successful or not.

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Fieldbus interfaces

Connection to an upper-level controller can be made via analog, digital, or serial interfaces, fieldbuses, or ETHERNET. The wide range of fieldbus interfaces and protocols makes LinMot servo drives easy to integrate with any controller, whether a PLC, and industrial PC, or a proprietary controller.

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