Automated closing and screwing

LinMot offers a ready-to-use module for highly dynamic closing and screwing processes under the product name “linear rotary motors”. The two integrated electromagnetic servo motors enable freely programmable, independent linear and rotary movements, which can be synchronised if required.

The fact that the linear movement is also realised by a direct drive makes capping processes much more flexible and efficient than with systems that rely on stroke cams, pneumatic cylinders or recirculating ball drives to generate them. Integrated force and torque sensors offer even more safety for applications requiring high precision and process reliability and also enable the collection of process data for each individual closing process (I4.0).

That’s why LinMot:

  • Highest dynamics and unaltered acquisition of process data
  • Fast format changeover possible. No stroke curves, end stops or similar
  • Compact design principle with minimum own moving mass and small rotational moment of inertia for fast closures without overshooting
  • Easy detection of faulty closures and defective parts
  • Position, angle, force and torque sensors included
  • Long service life; virtually maintenance-free
  • All well-known communication protocols supported by LinMot-Drive

LinMot products for capping and assembling

Linear rotary motors

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LinMot’s linear rotary motors are characterised by excellent flexibility, dynamics and speed. They can be used to implement both linear and rotary movements.

Servo Drives

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LinMot Servo Drives are compact positioning controllers with one or more power units for controlling the motors and an intelligent control unit with integrated position control. The control unit takes over all drive-related control and monitoring functions.

Other products: Linear guides and -modules

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LinMot linear guides are compact guide units for linear motors. The guides are used to support the load, to absorb external forces, torsional and bending moments and, at the same time, as anti-rotation devices.”

Here our motors are used for closing


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