Linear and rotary movements in one: linear rotary motors

LinMot linear rotary motors are characterised by excellent flexibility, dynamics and speed. They combine two electromagnetic servo motors in just one slim housing and thus enable combined linear and rotary movements in the simplest way.

The ready-to-use machine element also offers a range of options that can support the realisation of complex process sequences. For example, the machine builder can choose from the air feed through the hollow shaft, components for compensating the weight force (MagSpring) and integrated, calibratable sensors for recording torque and force, and perfectly adapt his linear rotary motor to the respective application requirements. With the smart design of the LinMot linear rotary motors, users also benefit from the hygienic design with easy-to-clean surfaces. If this is not enough, the optional stainless steel front or the entire module in stainless steel can certainly provide a remedy for applications with special requirements for the surface to be cleaned.

Why linear rotary motors:

  • Highly dynamic linear and rotary direct drive
  • Independent linear and rotary movements – can be synchronised if required
  • Programmable press forces and torques
  • Optionally with air feed-through or pusher for ejecting gripped elements
  • Optionally with MagSpring for load compensation
  • Optionally completely in stainless steel for applications with high hygiene requirements

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