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In today’s fast-paced industrial environment, speed and precision in closure and screwing processes are of crucial importance. Conventional methods are reaching their limits in meeting the increasing demands. Read our blog to find out how LinMot linear rotary motors are taking the efficiency, accuracy and reliability of closure and screwing processes in industrial applications to a new level.

What are the specific challenges facing companies today in the closure and screwing process?

There are a number of challenges that companies face in their closure and screwing processes. The need to increase productivity is certainly one of them, along with the need for greater flexibility – especially when producing small batches – and the need for process stability. These challenges, if not addressed, can lead to significant inefficiencies, variations in product quality and overall customer dissatisfaction.

The situation is further complicated by the shortage of engineers with specific skills, which requires solutions that are not only reliable, accurate and versatile, but also efficient in terms of time.

As a result, companies needed more effective solutions to overcome these challenges and improve the efficiency of their processes.

How does the situation change with LinMot linear rotary motors?

The use of our linear rotary motors has enabled companies to effectively overcome these challenges by introducing a single standard element with integrated technologies that is compact, easy to assemble and provides fast, precise and reliable linear and rotary motion in one module. Process stability is also guaranteed thanks to the integrated sensors.

This approach completely transforms closure and screwing processes, as well as all types of assembly processes and, more broadly, any automated pick-rotate-place processes, making them not only more efficient and flexible, but also significantly easier to implement.
Customers can now easily create their own applications, improving productivity and optimising space utilisation, while maintaining high precision and complete process traceability.

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