The key to Industry 4.0: Servo Drives

LinMot Servo Drives are compact positioning controllers with one or more power sections for controlling the motors as well as an intelligent control section with integrated position control.

The comprehensive selection of LinMot Servo Drives impresses with its speed, high flexibility and wide range of functions. In addition, they can be easily integrated into any type of application. Our drives are designed for precise control, an optimal force/torque ratio and a wide range of functions. This is an ideal complement to our wide range of linear motors, integrated linear modules and linear actuators. Another decisive factor is that our servo drives are easy to operate and work reliably – saving you time and money.

The control section handles all drive-related control and monitoring functions. The data collected from this enables production in line with Industry 4.0.

Why Servo Drives:

  • Wide range of applications: point-to-point to complex multi-axis applications
  • Serial communication, fieldbuses and real-time ETHERNET
  • Traversing of internally stored travel profiles or programme sequences
  • Control of position, speed, acceleration and force
  • Integrated safety functions for switching off the output stage
  • Compact design and easy commissioning

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