Software Version 6.12

For servo drive series:


B8050/MB8050-ML (MC-Link), -EC, -IP, -PN, -PL, -SC

C1100-CO, -DS, -EC, -PN, -RS, -SE

C1250-CC, -CM, -DS, -EC, -IP, -LU, – PD, -PL, -PN, -SE, -SC

C1250-MI, -CC, -DS/EC, -CM, -LU, -PD/PN, -PL, -SC

C1251-2S, -PDS, -PNS, -FSoE

C1450-DS, -EC, -IP, -LU, -PD, -PL, -PN, -SC, -SE

E1200-CO, -DP, -DS, -EC, -IP, -LU, -PL, -PN, -RS, -SC, -SE

E1400-CO, -DP, -DS, -EC, -IP, -LU, -PD, -PL, -PN, -RS, -SC, -SE

I1150-DS, -EC, -SE

Supported OS: Win10, Win11; all 32 & 64 Bit

B1100 and E1100 servo drive series are supported until LinMot-Talk 6.9 Build 20210430. See under old releases.

LinMot-Talk 6.12 Build 20240306

Release Infos 6.12 20240306

LinMot-Talk 6.12 Build 20240306

The zipped version is used in the following cases:

  • Admin rights for program downloads via setup are not available.
  • Other problems occur.
  • For Windows XP (no setup for XP).

Old Releases
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The below documentation is as well included in the subdirectory \doc of the installed software. GSD file for PROFIBUS, EDS files for CANopen and DeviceNet, XML file for EtherCAT and XDD file for POWERLINK can be found in the subdirectory \Firmware\.

LinMot-Talk 6 User Manual

LinMot-Talk 6 User Manual

Software Manuals

Documentation of:

  • Applications
  • Control EC Motors
  • Interfaces
  • Motion Control
  • Quick Start

Packages for Local Update

The handling of these packages is described in the LinMot-Talk User Manual. The packages can be used from LinMot-Talk version 6.10.

Motor Package

Older Releases Package

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