Pick and Place Robots Enhance Food Safety by Hygienically Handling Food

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Safely handling food is paramount to ensuring a product’s food safety. But even with automated and robotic food handling systems, ensuring that safety isn’t always easy. From lack of access for cleaning to being built with inadequate materials for washdown, not all pick and place robots are appropriate for food handling. LinMot’s SM pick and place robot is a hygienic solution that ensures food-safe robotic handling.

This pick and place robot is designed with a stainless steel motor housing and mounting parts, making it adaptable in a wide variety of environments. It is available in either IP69 or IP67S ratings, is dust-tight and can withstand either immersion or high-pressure water jet washdown as well as caustic chemicals.

Here are 5 dangers of improper food handling that our SM pick and place robot helps alleviate.

Top 5 Dangers of Improper Food Handling

The safety of others is in your hands. Let LinMot’s hygienic robots handle it for you.

Enhance My Food Safety

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