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Pharmaceutical and medical manufacturing applications that require precision force control for pressing or assembly of parts can be challenging. Resulting production errors due to inadequate equipment can be costly.

Read on to explore how the LinMot DM force control module overcomes these challenges, providing accuracy and consistency to your operations.

1. Achieve Unmatched Precision Control

If too much or too little force is used for your application, your product is compromised. Gentle yet firm, the DM force control module is nimble and capable of consistently providing the precise amount of force that’s required.

Tooling can be easily mounted and even axially offset without influencing force control measurement. And to top it off, the benefit of high overload resistance adds to its reliability and optimizes your production as a whole.

Watch the DM force control module gently handle a fragile egg with ease!

2. Force Control Flexibility

The DM force control module is designed to complement your application’s needs. Directly mounted on a LinMot DM01 linear module, the possibilities are endless.

DM01 options include:

  • 3 sizes in stroke range up to 575 mm and forces up to 572 N
  • Force sensor can be axially offset from the sensor to work in tight spaces
  • Clean room certification up to ISO4
  • Permanently installed MagSpring for vertical load compensation
  • Holding brake controlled via the LinMot servo drive or directly via the PLC

Explore the options in-depth

3. Enhance Your Sustainability Efforts

LinMot’s products are designed to be an eco-friendly solution to your linear motion needs. The DM force control module is designed to be compatible with EPP policies and ESG goals.

Benefits that compliment your sustainability initiatives include:

  • 95% energy savings
  • 97% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions
  • Material waste reduction (fewer parts required)

4. Shrink Total Cost of Ownership

The DM force control module comes standard with a minimal number of components, reducing your overall costs over time. And by reducing installation costs, maintenance, logistics and more, the DM force control module is able to reduce your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Enhance your pharmaceutical and medical manufacturing the eco-friendly way with the LinMot DM force control module.

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