High-Performance Motors with integrated mounting flange and optional heat sink

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A favourite product of LinMot customers became even better. The P01-48-M01 with integrated mounting flange is now even more compact, stronger and cooler.

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P01-48-M01 with integrated mounting flange


A particularly important part of the LinMot DNA is the continuous development. This characteristic, coupled with close communication with customers, once again made it possible to meet specific user requirements. After the linear motors P01-23, P01-37 and P01-48 have already been available as ”high-performance” variants for a longer period of time, LinMot is now launching the size 48 in an even more optimised version.


The already proven modifications to the motor winding, the magnetic circuit and the use of high perfomance materials ensure the increased performance of these motors. The optimised performance is particularly evident in the parameters of peak and continuous force as well as speed. These advantages can now be used even more flexibly: since the design of the new M01 variant is based on the proven short motors P01-23S and P01-37S, the size 48 motors now also offer optimised dimensions for confined spaces.


Even applications in the smallest installation space, which previously could not be implemented or only with forced cooling, can be realised with the new M01 linear motors. This is possible because the cooling capacity can be increased by the new, lightweight cooling flange without disturbing additional space requirements. The motors of the M01 series thus have a slim cross-section as well as a low moving mass and are particularly suitable for both moving slider and moving stator applications.


So if you opt for the M01 family, you will benefit not only from the higher power density but also from the practical dimensions and the extended possibilities for mounting. This is ensured by the integrated mounting flange of the 48 series: it scores with both a particularly slim design and M8 threaded holes on the right and left side as well as on the underside.

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