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Rockwell Automation Fair® Event 2024


Transform your manufacturing process with linear motor solutions from LinMot®. Our innovative motors perform highly dynamic linear and linear-rotary motions to increase productivity and minimize downtime. Our cutting-edge motor technology is proven to reduce maintenance, increase speed, and have a longer service life—up to two billion cycles. Each motor features a direct drive system, and provides the utmost reliability and flexibility. There are no belts, screws, cams, or gears that will wear out over time. This makes our products the perfect fit for rugged industrial environments, including those within production and automation applications. Our motors are designed for seamless integration. Incorporate them into your existing operations—along with our MagSprings and DC Servo Drives—to create the optimal drive system. Thousands of customers have streamlined their product cycles using LinMot motor technology. Discover how we can revolutionize your manufacturing process together. Our professionals will recommend tailored solutions for your specific applications.

20 - 21 Nov 2024
Anaheim, Kalifornien, CA - USA 🇺🇸

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